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130 for 130

Frequently Asked Questions



Q: How can I make a donation and pick a chair?

A total of 219 chairs will be made available in Phase I of the Campaign, from December 16, 2016 (Friday) at HKT 10am, via The seating plan in the system will be updated according to the latest availability of chairs in the Lecture Theatre. 

[Sample Seating Plan only]

LT1 Seat Plan

Q: Can I know more about the 130th Anniversary Curricula? 

The goal of the curricula is to produce doctors who are competent in the understanding and delivery of effective, humane and ethical medical care, committed to lifelong learning, and ready to proceed to postgraduate training. You may view the new curriculum structure here

Q: How will the funds raised in the “130 for 130” Legacy Campaign be used?

The “130 for 130” Legacy Campaign will support the recently-launched 130th Anniversary Curricula, which aims to push medical and health sciences education to new frontiers. It will help support the Faculty’s commitment to ensure every MBBS student, whatever their means, has equal opportunity to go “off timetable” during their third year to pursue a variety of learning opportunities.

Q: Can I choose a different chair after I have confirmed the reservation online/ by phone?

A: We regret that no change can be made to the selection of chair(s) once you have confirmed the reservation online/ by phone/ in person. The latest status of the availability of chairs can be viewed on the 130 website.

Q: Can I change the message on the plaque after I made the donation?

A: You may change your message once by contacting the 130 Secretariat at The Secretariat will contact you to confirm the message before the plaque production in due course.

Q: When will the plaques be installed?

A: The plaques for Phase 1 of the campaign will be installed by summer 2017. A Dedication Ceremony for all donors will be organised in 2017, our anniversary year, upon the completion of the installation of all plaques.

Q: All the chairs I like are already reserved by someone else. Will there be other options?

A: You may contact the 130 Secretariat if you wish to be included on the waiting list for Phase 2 of the Campaign, which will be launched in 2017.

Q: Are donations to the “130 for 130” Legacy Campaign tax deductible?

A: Yes, donations to the “130 for 130” Legacy Campaign are tax deductible and a receipt will be issued for tax deduction purposes in due course.

Q: Is my donation eligible to count towards the membership of HKU Foundation?

A: Yes, donations to HKU are cumulative. Donations towards the “130 for 130” Legacy Campaign will be eligible for HKU Foundation Membership. You may view the details of HKU Foundation Membership here.


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