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130 for 130

The 130th Anniversary Curricula



The “130 for 130” Legacy Campaign will support the recently launched 130th Anniversary Curricula, which aims to push medical and health sciences education to new frontiers. The centrepiece of the new curriculum will be the provision for students to go “off timetable” in their third year to pursue different kinds of learning, in consultation with their academic advisors and along the University’s visionary “3+1 Is” strategy of “Internationalisation”, “Innovation” and “Interdisciplinarity” converging onto “Impact”.


For instance, students could choose to go on exchange at one of HKU’s partner institutions overseas or on the Mainland to fulfil part of their Common Core requirements (for instance, studying Renaissance history at Oxford or Yale or Chinese literature at Peking or Tsinghua University). They could join the HKU Horizons Programme and undertake service trips to less-developed countries, doing such work as health promotion, teaching or delivering humanitarian aid.


Alternatively, students may opt for the Medical Scholars Programme, through which they can read for a Master of Research in Medicine (MRes[Med]) degree (1 year), and on the basis of that may continue with a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree (3-4 years). They may choose to undertake a research internship locally or internationally at world renowned laboratories. They could also choose to pursue an additional Master’s degree in public health (MPH), which is a one-year full-time programme, or enrol in law courses for a Juris Doctor (JD) programme. Students who pursue a one-year Master’s programme would obtain both the MBBS and a Master’s degree within their six-year period of study.


Finally, they could opt for the Common Core courses and inter- and intra-faculty electives here at home in HKU, free from the usual timetable constraints of the tightly-packed medical programme.


The Medical Faculty will partner with leading institutions around the world to provide exchange and attachment programmes for our students, including University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, University College London, King’s College London Summer School, University of Birmingham, Yale University, University of Pennsylvania, Columbia University, University of British Columbia, University of Toronto, Universität Rostock, University of Melbourne, University of Sydney, National University of Singapore, The Catholic University of Korea (Medicine) and more.


The “130 for 130” Legacy Campaign will help to support the Faculty’s commitment to ensure every student, whatever their means, has these opportunities. All donations will go into a fund for students so they can fulfill their personal learning ambitions in the new 130 curricula. The contributions will benefit learning for generations of future health care professionals well beyond the local classroom.


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