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“Big Shots” Photo Exhibition in Celebration of 130 Years of Medicine in Hong Kong - Full Exhibition

17 MAR 2017 to 29 MAR 2017

9:30 a.m. - 7:30 p.m.
G/F Exhibition Gallery, Hong Kong Central Library
“Big Shots” Photo Exhibition in Celebration of 130 Years of Medicine in Hong Kong - Full Exhibition

In celebration of “130 Years of Medicine in Hong Kong”, the Medical Faculty presents “Big Shots”, a photographic journey featuring the works of renowned photographer Ducky Tse and a group of our alumni.


“World of Doctors” – Ducky Tse’s artistic lens offers a visual exploration of the daily challenges and moments in the lives of HKU's medical and healthcare professionals and students* – individuals who have dedicated themselves to the vanguard of the medical cause, be it in the clinic, the classroom, health administration or on the humanitarian front.


“Doctors’ World” - Curated by Professor Richard Yu and Dr Leo KK Wong, the exhibition is the reflection through the lenses of 32 MBBS alumni^ that reveal how they see the world and the things that inspire them. It will be the first time the visual imaginations of these doctors have been brought together for display.


The exhibition will convey the vitality, humanity and compassion of the Faculty’s staff, graduates and students across the generations, and bring close-up and into focus the rich panoply of medical education, clinical and research activities that take place each day in Hong Kong.


* Participating professors, alumni and students: David Todd (MBBS 1952), Rosie Young (MBBS 1953) , Richard Yu (MBBS 1958), Leong Che Hung (MBBS 1962), Felice Lieh-Mak, Lai Ching Lung (MBBS 1970), Grace Tang (MBBS 1971), Choi Kin (MBBS 1972), Barbara Lam (MBBS 1981), Yuen Kwok Yung (MBBS 1981), Au Yiu Kai (MBBS 1983), Lo Chung Mau (MBBS 1985), Lau Chak Sing, Sophia Chan (PhD 1999), Gabriel Leung (MD 2003), Pierre Chan (MBBS 2000), Mandy Tong (BNurs 2003), Stephanie Ma (PhD 2007), So Tsz Him (BChinMed 2008), Angela Cheung, Cheung Man Hin, Zoe Fung, Shaina Huang, Elizabeth Ling, Andre Ma, Leo Ng, Helen Wu, Jeffrey Yu, Sapphire Yu


^ Participating doctors: Prof Richard Yu (MBBS 1958), Dr Ma Pui Han (MBBS 1958), Dr Leo Wong (MBBS 1959),  Dr Francis Siu (MBBS 1962), Dr Lam Kui Chun (MBBS 1966), Dr Jeffrey Tsang (MBBS 1969), Prof Lai Ching Lung (MBBS 1970), Dr Francis Au (MBBS 1971), Dr Alan Mui (MBBS 1972), Dr Gregory Ng (MBBS 1972), Dr So Shun Yang MBBS (1972), Dr Albert Kong (MBBS 1973), Dr Woo Chi Wai (MBBS 1974), Dr Lee Tze Yuen (MBBS 1975), Prof Fan Sheung Tat (MBBS 1976), Dr Fung Kai Hung (MBBS 1977), Dr Raymond Lam (MBBS 1977), Dr Effinie Ma (MBBS 1977), Prof Maurice Leung (MBBS 1978), Dr Wong Kee Lam (MBBS 1978), Dr Wong Man Kei (MBBS 1978), Dr Huen Kwai Fun (MBBS 1979), Dr Raymond Lai (MBBS 1980), Dr Wong Kin Ming (MBBS 1980), Dr Chan Hon Ming (MBBS 1985), Dr Hung Hak Hon (MBBS 1989), Dr James Luk (MBBS 1989), Dr Amy Pang (MBBS 1990), Dr Kwan Wing Ho (MBBS 1991), Dr Stella Chim (MBBS 1992), Dr Brenda Tam (MBBS 2001), Dr Christina Cheuk (MBBS 2002)


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