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130th Anniversary Publications




To mark this cherished occasion, the following books will be published in 2017, and may be purchased via the Faculty in due course.

“Western Medicine for Chinese -- How the Hong Kong College of Medicine achieved a Breakthrough” by Faith Ho

Faith Ho

The chronicles of rapid development of the medical school from the late 19th century to the early years of the 20th century.

"Medicine and the Making of Hong Kong" by Robert Peckham

The history of a global city told through its evolving medical institutions.

“130 Years of Medicine in Hong Kong”

A commemorative edition of the Faculty’s 130 years of service, including interviews with current and former members of the Faculty family.

“Big Shots”

Big Shots

Two photo journals: “World of Doctors”, chronicling the human side of medicine through the portrayal and portraiture of its multifaceted practitioners by Ducky Tse; and “Doctors’ World”, a collection of photographic works by MBBS alumni that reveal how they see the world and the things that inspire them.

《大醫精誠》梁卓偉 著


A wide-ranging collection of thought-provoking and historically informed vignettes that reflect on the life and times of the Faculty’s many trials and tribulations.